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Who the hell told you it’s easy?

Who the hell told you it’s easy?
September 18, 2017 vikrantbrao

“Who the hell told you it’s easy? If it’s smooth then it’s not at all an achievement. If it’s easy going it is not at all a story. It has to be hard, it has to be tough. It is possibility of few that’s why you are chosen for it. Everyone cannot do it so you can … It is struggle, it is rough, bumpy ride . It is painful, it is confusing. There are risks , there will be problems , there will be issues but that’s the process. Many quit half way, very few play till the end and only 1 wins. You have to be that 1. The one who played hard, who struggled, whose life became story, who has become example . People want to know how it happened, whats the journey. Your journey has to be convincing enough to make you eligible for something which whole world desire but very few deserve- SUCCESS – Vikrant Bhujbalrao


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