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Success is not achieved by many

Success is not achieved by many
September 18, 2017 vikrantbrao

“Success is not achieved by many.In fact very few people really grow to next levels.Many people want to be successful but do not want to pay the cost for it. There is no free lunch. Everything has a cost. Bigger the wish,bigger the cost.Success is big,it’s demanding. Apart from the commonly used success Mantra like hard work,positive approach and etc. ,something which really matters is how badly you need. It’s said that,
ढुंडो तो भगवानभि मीलता है.
So the question is whether you really need it? Whether you are able to continuously think about it? Whether you are prepared for its cost ? Whether you will change yourself for achieving it? Whether you will sacrifice the things which will be demanded? If the answer of above all is yes , you deserve Success. Yes you have potential, you have talents , you too can achieve, provided you really really want it ! ” – Vikrant Bhujbalrao



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