Vikrant Bhujbalrao is a Public Figure & a renowned personality in Startup Ecosystem. He is the Motivator, Speaker, Startup Mentor & Entrepreneur. He is the Director of YourSarthi.( Previously served as CEO, 111 Startups( & Co-founder for Dr.YOU, a health food chain.

15 Years of combined experience in corporates, startups, trainings, coaching, mentoring, in Kelloggs,Mobisoft Infotech, IPR Consultancy, Chrysalis Business Consultancy & Indira College. The experience is at different functions like Business Development, Growth Hacking, Team Building across territories.

Invited as a keynote speaker to top engineering & MBA institutes like COEP,MIT, VIT, VIIT, PICT, Indira, MITCON, Modern, DY Patil, Flame, Inifd, Brick & more.

Empowered startups like Carok, Vendorzapp, Buymaxo, Tripperwings, Bugfree, Mooshak ,Nustbury & many more.

Delivered 100+ powertalks, sessions, workshops & training programs. Empowered 111 Startups; evaluated 1000 startup ideas, mentored 75+ Startup Founders, Transformed 1 lac lives!

Contributed to the society by ‘not-for-profit’ initiatives like Women Empowerment, Rural Entrepreneurship Empowerment & Lets GTG.



‘Born with a silver spoon’

I was born in a small town, blessed to be a the only son of a Govt. Commissioner. Precisely, No ‘Rags to Riches’ scope in this story. But, my childhood was a complete mess because of a complicated family & ‘Jilha like Khandaan’ . Thoda stud sa character . So, centre of attraction of many friends & huge potential for relationships, breakups, emotional atyachaar! Trust me, Relationships in 9th Grade in 90s was a big achievement for gaining ‘Relationship Wisdom’ Regarding Career, No vision, no goal, no aim, no direction for sure. No Youtube & Facebook for Muft ka Motivation. Yes, but loads of bad habits, attitude problems & career “F”d! Typical convent child, facing struggles to graduate. Failed in many subjects & a year down before completing 10th Grade.

A successful love story!

After many, a lot infatuations & part-time relationships, finally fell in love, true love. Wahi 90s ka typical sa ‘Sairat’ types. A simple, ‘shaadi types gal’ but elder & a ‘Dr.’; wo bhi ‘Jilha like Family’ mein hi. Obviously, a descent gal with a clear focus in life with no past record of relationships who is living for ‘Maa Bap’ ke bataye raste types life. No way this was gonna work. But, bhai to apna warrior hai! Waited for 7 years; with a pure feeling of love, worked on each & every aspect to impress the gal - habits, personality, career, educations & etc. etc. Finally, converted!(Now, everything comes in Marketing jargons) Even though gal was ready but there were family dramas, rejections, long wait, & finally a love cum arrange marriage. A successful love cum arrange marriage in 90s was another milestone!

Campus Placement - From top 5 to bottom 5 candidates!

Most interesting time of any MBA grad, especially when he is from a top institute - “Placement”.It was day 1 & I cracked almost all rounds out of some 200 candidates, & was in top 5 candidates. 4 were selected, only 1 who threw party to his friends (in advance) rejected in final round. Frustration. Then, lot of companies, lot of episodes. Few were rejected by me, few rejected me. Finally, after a struggle of 6 months on campus; got selected in ‘Bottom 5’ who missed to get placement from campus(which had a record of 100%placements till our batch). When you don't get a job from campus, you have to take file & visit door to door to put resumes. Karma! After visiting 100s of companies, finally got a breakthrough - Kelloggs India! Worked as key account manager for business development across territories.

Job to Business to Job to Business to a Gyaani

After working with corporates, startups for 5 years, decided to start the business with 2 co-founders, our first successful failure - Dr.YOU; a health food chain. We started implementing an innovative concept of health food lounges & an online portal in 2000s. We had a team of 25 people; raised funds from investors; invested around 50 lakhs, expanded to 5 outlets 4 years of rigorous planning,executions, exploring, but we failed. Imagine 3 MBAs from a top institute with corporate experiences who quit their high paying jobs for pursuing a bigger dream; to solve some social problems have to close down. Being a Maharashtrian, there was a famous quote, jo aj bhi kaano mein gunjta hai - ‘Marathi Manus business nahi karu shakat’. Lots of liabilities & family pressures which force every 2nd Marathi Entrepreneur to quit business & look for jobs, I was again back to square 1. Depression. Again, take file & visit door to door to put resumes. Karma!

But, the attitude of ‘Warrior’ was building, situations were the guiding principles. Only 1 golden rule - ‘Never Quit’. Was back to job; but this time with a mindset of an Entrepreneur. Got a job in Chrysalis, a training & consulting company where I got a chance to work with some interesting entrepreneurs & a Business Guru. Worked, learned a lot, decided to take the plunge again. But this time, the purpose is defined, vision is clear, goal is set, strategies are designed, planned are fullproof.

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